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Truth with a Capital T

June 19, 2011

Week 1 of the Intro to Christianity discussion group

Truths with little t’s

Our thoughts, hearts, feelings  are
not to be trusted

Our ability to determine truth by observing the world is skewed and broken

Don’t believe everything you think

Truth with a Capital T – Scripture



Scripture is perfect, complete, sufficient

Some truths are hidden – belong to God

The Great Mystery of God

The Five Solas – Sola Scriptura

Essential Truths vs. Opinions

Apostles Creed

Chart listing Absolutes, Convictions, Opinions

Age of the Earth
Mode of Baptism
Drinking Alcohol
Gifts of the Spirit
God Chooses us or we choose God
Worship Style

A few false gospels

Health and Wealth Prosperity Gospel
Repentance and rules Gospel
Minimal Christianity
Saved by the Sacraments
Saved by being a good person
All roads lead to the mountaintop
New Revelations

A Quick Intro to the Bible

66 books

Many authors, many types of literature

Selecting a Translation

Christ and Redemption is the main storyline of every page

Question to Ponder – Can God’s “Truth with a Capital T” be Trusted?

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