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Online and Video Education

August 25, 2010

It’s amazing how accessible education is today over the Internet and with video.

Third Mill – Dr. Pratt, one of the best theologians alive today, is developing a complete M. Div degree curriculum for seminaries, missionaries, and Bible schools around the world. You can purchase DVDs of the courses or download free samples.

Biblical – free audio courses ranging from new believers, to Bible school, to seminary.

Dimensions of the Faith at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary – a free online theological education program.

Worldwide Classroom from Covenant Theological Seminary – 20 free seminary courses.

Khan Academy – a very full library of over 1,600 short (10-15 min) easy to watch videos explaining math (arithmetic through advanced calculus), finance and banking, science, physics, chemistry, and a little history. Put together by a genius hedge fund manager who quit his job to make tutoring videos as a non-profit, the site has been praised by Bill Gates, PBS and CNN.

The Teaching Company – The Teaching Company records the best university profs presenting their best courses on DVD. Most courses are about $275, but they regularly have sales at $99 per course. Skip buying the transcript of the course, the course outline and notes are sufficient.

Be cautious of their religion courses and avoid any courses from Jill.

TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) is a  global set of conferences formed to disseminate “ideas worth spreading”. While I might agree or disagree with some of the presentations, TED is the center of innovative thinking.  All the presentations are free to watch online.

Open Courseware

A number of the best universities make their courses available for free. No test, no credit, but great information.

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