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Recommended Books

August 21, 2010

Lutzer, Erwin Pastor Moody Church
The Doctrines that Divide 1998, Kregel Publications – An excellent discussion of the major debates that have shaped the church, the players, the issues, the arguments, and what the Bible has to say. This book presents the highlights of seminary on a lay persons level. An excellent read.

Metzger, Bruce M. Professor Emeritus, Princeton Theological Seminary
The Text of the New Testament, It’s Transmission, Corruption, and Restoration 3rd Edition 1992, Oxford University Press – This book summarizes lifetimes of work digging for the authentic original Greek manuscripts. If you’ve ever wondered how we got our Bible, this book will enlighten, and encourage you toward excellence and a greater appreciation for the word. One warning: This text is not for the faint of heart. CBD

Sproul, RC Reformed Theologian
The Holiness of GodRC brings you face to face with the terrible and beautiful holiness of God. This book has changed my life more than any other book besides scripture. Every Christian should read this book. CBD

Essential Truths of the Christian Faith 1992, Tyndale House Publishers – 100 key doctrines in plain language. The essentials of every topic in 2-3 pages. Truly a handbook of theology for the layman. Every Christian should have this book beside their Bible for systematic studies.

Grace Unknown 1997, Baker House- The heart of reformed theology – Sovereign grace. We believers must ask ourselves why we have come to faith while many of our friends have not. CBD

Swindal, Charles R Sr. Pastor, Insight for Living radio program
Improving Your Serve 1981, Word Publishing – The art of unselfish living. This book “puts leather to the road” concerning living out the Christian life. A wonderful book. CBD

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