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Jesus Jeopardy

August 18, 2010

Q. Who is Mary’s son?  A. Jesus

Q. Who created everything?  A. Jesus

Q. Who rose from the grave?  A. Jesus

Q. Who raised Lazarus from the dead? A. Jesus

Q. When Abraham worshiped with Melchizedek, who was Melchizedek really?  A. Jesus

Q. Who is our high priest?  A. Jesus

You get the idea.

Maybe you’ve heard your pastor say that anytime you don’t know the answer to a question in Sunday School that Jesus is probably the right answer, Well, we’ve turned this into a driving game or a diner table game. We take turns asking a question, or I’ll ask several questions, and the answer is always “Jesus”.

It’s fun to come up with real creative questions and it’s hard to keep coming up with questions after about 30 or so. The kids learn more about Jesus, they always get the right answer, and they learn that Jesus is always the right answer.


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