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Don't be a Wimp

August 15, 2010

When the Lord told Israel that he was no longer wanted their burnt offerings and their incense was a stench to His nostrils, one of the specific issues was that they had failed to defend the orphan. (Isaiah 1:10-17)

James writes, “faith without works is dead”, and one of the few works James actually mentions is caring for orphans. (James 1:27)

If you call yourself a follower of Yahweh and you have not intentionally and personally sought to care for the orphan then I say you’re not nearly as serious as you think you are.

The absolute minimum you can do is to sponsor an orphan. Not all child sponsorship organizations will work with orphans, but some will (Every Orphan’s Hope, Children’s Hopechest)

If your family is a place of peace, and you call yourself a follower of Yahweh, then the right thing to do is to open your home to one more heart and be the family the child needs. It’s not an amazing heroic thing, it’s not just for couples without kids, it’s for every family that says, “As for me and my house, will serve the Lord.”

Q. But will I love them the same as my kids?

Absolutely. Once your heart realizes that this precious child is now your responsibility, then you will bond as a parent and love them.

Q. Aren’t all the kids in foster care really messed up?

Being orphaned is traumatizing. That’s why the Lord wants you to care.

Q. What if it’s hard?

It will be hard. The decision is hard, the process is hard, the travel is hard, and parenting a truamatized child is hard. That’s one way you know it’s the right thing to do.

Q. We don’t have room. We can’t afford to add another mouth right now.

Wimp. Faith without works is dead. It is expensive and difficult to adopt. But which glorifies the Father more? adopting a child, or buying a new luxury car?

Q. I don’t have the parenting skills.

You will learn and grow (in both your compassion, skills, and faith)

So get involved. Visit the Adoption Group at your church. Go to an Adoption Fair to learn more. When you hear of someone in your church adopting, donate to their expenses. Make a meal for a family that adopted, or invite them over for a meal and playtime, and hear their story. It may change your life.

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