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Inception (movie review)

August 7, 2010

Inception is a big budget, incredible special effects, high-action SciFi movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio that’s complicated enough to keep my attention throughout the whole movie. If you see it, don’t miss the opening scene and don’t miss even a few minutes of the movie during the show – it moves that fast. Essentially, Inception is about entering someone else’s dreams and stealing or planting ideas (referred to as the “inception” of an idea). During the first 20 minutes, you’ll wonder if what you’re seeing is a dream or reality. The big caper involves dreaming three layers deep, which can be difficult to follow on screen, but the screenwriters place the dream layers is distinct enough locations to make it easier to follow.

But there’s more to Inception than bending the world in half while in a dream. There are three main issues raised by the plot.

The obvious question concerns the morality of entering someone’s mind without their permission and stealing their private thoughts. Plugged in called this mind rape. Planting an idea in someone’s mind and making them think it’s their own idea is the goal of all propaganda and marketing. But to plant an idea by entering their mind and manipulating their dreams takes marketing to a whole new level.

One of the most powerful plotlines in the movie is Leonardo’s intense widower’s guilt and how he deals with his loss. The way they deal with Leonardo being a widower is relatively authentic to the widower experience and far better than most movies. For me this was the primary plotline.

The deeper question of Inception is whether or not this life is reality or a dream. It’s a serious question, because if we are only living a dream then morality (how we know what is right and wrong) is void. In this sense, Inception is ultimately an immoral movie (even though is relatively clean regarding language and sex).

Overall, Inception is a good thinker movie and it brings up several issues worth thinking about more deeply and discussing with your spouse. Four stars.

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