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Of passion or fear?

October 1, 2009

Seth Godin is an entrepreneurial / internet / web 2.0 / marketing / software genius. When Seth speaks I listen. I’ve learned much by reading his blog and watching his videos. He recently wrote a blog post about how non-profits, which should be change agents, tend to avoid change themselves. He makes the case that non-profits have a cause that more important than any company, yet companies are making a bigger splash than non-profits. Why is any non-profit less passionate than a startup company seeking venture capital?

We’re in the middle of a revolutionary change in how people communicate, and ministries have the greatest message of all. It seems to me that ministries should be on the bleeding edge of communication in an attempt to get their message out. Our Rock is not of this world, why would any ministry manage from a position of fear?

Seth’s blog post: The Problem with Non.

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