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Plan now for ICCM 2010

September 17, 2009

Every spring for the past 20 years a group of ministry-minded technologists have been gathering for a long weekend of technical sessions and fellowship. ICCM – the International Conference on Computing and Missions – is not the average geek conference – it’s part Promise Keepers, part small-group, and part technology. This is the group that has an annual award for the oldest server still running, a session on Windows 7 led by a Linux guru, and an Ivanhoe’s Ice Cream BOF (birds of a feather) gathering. The folks who come every year share what’s working in their ministries and what’s not. With hands-on sessions, for many this is the only technical training they get in the year. ICCM is usually hosted at Taylor University in Upland Indiana and everyone stays in the college dorms and eats in the university lunch room. It’s a 7/24 experience.

I strongly encourage you to send your IT team to ICCM 2010. Skip Microsoft TechEd. Skip the Gartner conference. Skip SQL PASS. You’re a ministry, immerse your IT team in the ministry culture. It will do them more good than any amount of secular techy conferences, and it’s a good value for your training dollars. Highly recommended – June 18-22, 2010.

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